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Introducing the all new “FLUX Mouthwash (0.12 % Chlorhexidine with Xylitol)”. The first of its kind combinations of the two main key ingredients that works both on Hard and Soft Tissue.

Benefits of FLUX Mouthwash (0.12 % Chlorhexidine with Xylitol).

  • Enhances the healing of mouth ulsers, bleeding gums, tonsilitis, extraction and post surgical wounds faster and effectively
  • Highly recommended for decay, dry mouth, gum disease and bad breath.

Now You can have FLUX Mouthwash, Labeled Under Your Clinic’s Name !!!!!

Order a minimum of 1000 bottles of FLUX Mouthwash 100ml and we will throw in the labeling and branding of your clinic on this beautiful oral hygiene product for FREE. Imagine all patients walking out of your practice with a mouthwash under your very own label!!! That’s branding!!

Order now by sending us an enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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  1. Full Zirconia

Cad Cam Milling Technology is used to produce Full Zirconia crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays and onlays. It is an esthetic alternative to PFM and ideal for restorations requiring extra durability especially for posteriors. The chip-proof durability of Zirconia restorations also makes them ideal for patients who have broken natural teeth or previous PFM restorations.

  1. Zirconia with Ceramic Facing

Strong Cad Cam Zirconia Coping is used in combination with Ceramic Layering to achieve the ultimate esthetics and incredible life-like appearance. It would be combination of strength and beauty for a perfect smile especially for anterior restorations.

  1. All Ceramic (Crown & Bridge) - E.max™

Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max™ is a Lithium Disilicate glass ceramic that has optimized translucency, durability and strength. IPS e.max™ restorations exhibit superior durability featuring 360-400 MPa of flexural strength. The opalescence, translucency and light diffusion properties of IPS e.max™ were all designed to replicate natural tooth structure for beauty and undetectable restorations.

  1. All Ceramic (Veneers) - E.max™

A veneer is a layer of porcelain bonded on to the front surface of a tooth predominantly as an ideal choice for improving the appearance of front teeth. Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max™ Veneers have optimized translucency, durability and strength. We custom make our veneers with different types of ingots namely High Transluciency (HT), Low Transluciency (LT), High Opacity (HO) and Medium Opacity (MO) ingots. The choice of ingots is dependent on the state of underlying tooth. We communicate with our dentist on the require needs of the patients aesthetic prior to manufacturing beautiful life-like venners. The opalescence, translucency and light diffusion properties of IPS e.max™ were all designed to replicate natural tooth structure for beauty and undetectable restorations.

  1. PFM (Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal)

PFM is used to provide stress-relieving qualities to make a crown or bridge stronger and last longer while maintaining a natural tooth color. It is important to mention that PFM restorations have a 50+ years track record. The Dental Lab PFM’s are fabricated using superior quality Germany made Alloy together with Original VITA (VMK Master™) Porcelain Powder.

  1. Inlay & Onlay

The Dental Lab custom manufactures all types of Inlay, Onlay and Overlay as per requirement of our dentist. The materials used for these procedures are Zirconia, Zirconia with Ceramic Facing, Full Ceramic (E-Max™), Porcelain Fused to Metal (PFM) and Full Cast Metal.

  1. Maryland Bridge (Resin Bonded Bridge)

The resin-retained bridge is increasingly being used in modern dentistry as an alternative to more destructive treatments. This has been driven by the advent of evidence-based dentistry showing the benefits to patients of reduced tooth preparation and the importance of an intact enamel structure for the long-term health of the teeth. We manufacture Maryland Bridges with metal wings which are prepared to have a porous surface so that they can receive a bonding agent. The wing or retainer are made rigid and is usually fabricated from a metal alloy. The surface metal is treated with sandblasting with alumina powder to enhance the micromechanical adhesion between the prosthesis and the composite resin cement.

  1. Full Metal (Crown & Bridge)

The Dental Lab custom manufactures all types of Full Metal Crowns and Bridges for Minimum Preparation Posterior Prostheses. The Dental Lab’s Full Metal Crowns and Bridges are fabricated using superior quality Germany made Alloy for its excellent durability and quality.

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Training Models

The Dental Lab also specializes in the Production of Custom Made Jaw Training Models used by Institution/Training Academy & Principle Product Companies for the purpose of Training and Education.

The models are prepared according to our customers specifications. For example:-

  • Veneer Models
  • MOD Teeth
  • Veneer Cementation Models
  • Rotated Teeth
  • Prep Teeth
  • with or without gingival and so on.

The teeth used in our model preparations are obtained from Brazil, Nissin (Japan) & Fracassco (USA).

The teeth and models are highly customized for the need of the training provider with a great range of variants.



For further information, Please do Contact us at +6010-5372000.


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  • Clinical Assistance/Dental Partners

For optimum results for larger/private restorations we can provide a full service that includes patient consultations and wax up’s. Communicating with the Dentist and Patient throughout the duration of the treatment means we can create the best possible smile for that particular individual.

  • Shade Consultations

Although we strongly recommend VITA Classical Shade Guide for shade selection, but we advice our Dentist to use the best Shade Guide that suits them. Transferring of shade information can be best done with Diagrammatic representation with Shade Guide (Laboratory Prescription) or for best results via pictures/images directly sent to our e-mail, Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat and DropBox.

  • Diagnostic Wax Ups

We provide Pre Op Study Models and Diagnostic Wax Up Models, which are an important tool for the patients understanding of their restorations prior to treatment. The unrivalled communication that the Diagnostic Wax up provides often increases the cases acceptance.

An important additional role of the Diagnostic Wax Up is that from it we can produce a clear stent that can be used as a prep guide for the dentist, which will in turn enable the technician to be able to produce restorations with almost the same dimensions as that of the wax up. The dentist would also use the stent to fabricate temporaries in the interim phase.

  • Anatomical Articulation

It is beneficial in many cases for us to articulate full upper and lower models on a full plane semi adjustable Articulator. This gives us a greater chance of creating the most accurate restorations possible through an understanding of jaw movement and occlusion. Major finished work is returned on the articulator, so the Dentist and Patient are able to view how the restorations will appear in the mouth.

  • Bite Registration

We advice the use of proper bite registration material. The ideal bite registrations will allow us to produce best occlusion in our final products to minimize clinical trimming of occlusion.

  • Case Updates

We provide billing updates for every issued case as well as a monthly statement for all cases done throughout the month to assist the clinic management on case tracking and billing. On request, we provide the extra advantage of email tracking wherein all tracking details will be emailed to the clinic from receiving the case to issue.

  • Monthly Newsletters

We emphasize on providing latest updates of prosthodontology, hence we update our dentist with monthly newsletters on the recent technologies and updates of prosthodontology.