FLUX Mouthwash

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Introducing the all new “FLUX Mouthwash (0.12 % Chlorhexidine with Xylitol)”. The first of its kind combinations of the two main key ingredients that works both on Hard and Soft Tissue.

Benefits of FLUX Mouthwash (0.12 % Chlorhexidine with Xylitol).

  • Enhances the healing of mouth ulsers, bleeding gums, tonsilitis, extraction and post surgical wounds faster and effectively
  • Highly recommended for decay, dry mouth, gum disease and bad breath.

Now You can have FLUX Mouthwash, Labeled Under Your Clinic’s Name !!!!!

Order a minimum of 1000 bottles of FLUX Mouthwash 100ml and we will throw in the labeling and branding of your clinic on this beautiful oral hygiene product for FREE. Imagine all patients walking out of your practice with a mouthwash under your very own label!!! That’s branding!!

Order now by sending us an enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.