Why Us?

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We Understand Dentist Needs
The Dental Lab is operated by a Prosthodontist with a Team of Dental Technicians. Nobody knows dentist better than a Dentist. We understand every angle of clinical dentistry and work together emphasizing on providing High Quality Services and Work.

We know certain clinical difficulty in preparations, impressions and procedural errors especially during tight clinical hours. We are here to take that burden off our dental Client as we fix what was unfixed during the procedures. All we need is your best work, and leave the burden to us, we would service you with the best prostheses that will be a perfect fit with exquisite esthetics.



We Understand the Cost Factors hitting Dentistry; hence our rates are the most affordable with superior service. We are here as a support service to the dental industry. We believe by providing the best services with affordable price, the same would be transferred to their patients providing superior services with affordable price.


  • Specialized – We only Specialize in Fixed Prosthodontics emphasizing on Full Ceramic/ PFM /Esthetic Work and Zirconia (Cad Cam)

We strongly believe in Quality Work and Efficient Services hence we only provide services that we are good at. We specialize in providing Best Quality Crowns and Bridges with Superior Esthetic with Perfection Fit. Hence our services are limited as below to produce the best works for our dental clients:


  1. Full Zirconia
  2. Zirconia with Ceramic Facing
  3. All Ceramic (Crown & Bridge) – e-max™
  4. All Ceramic (Veneer) – e-max™
  5. Inlay & Onlay
  6. Maryland Bridge
  7. PFM (Crown and Bridge)
  8. Full Metal (Crown & Bridge)
  9. Implant (Zirconia, e-max™ & PFM)


Precision Fit, Exquisite Esthetics

All our Products are made with Perfection in mind, hence all processes and finished products will be examined by our Prosthodontist prior to issuance. Only once our superior standards have been met, the prosthesis is issued.

Fast turn Around Time

We guaranty to produce our product within 7 working days. We undertake Urgent Cases as Top Priority; hence Urgent Cases would be issued to clients as soon as possible.


We warranty what we do. We take upmost responsibility in our products as we know our quality of work. Hence, all of our products are warranted for LABORATORY FAILURES* (*conditions apply).